Work That Matters

We work to help our authors, podcasters, and roster of experts make a bigger impact in the world, democratizing thought leadership.

Books That Matter

We acquired publishing company Blooming Twig Books in 2021, and along with their titles, we adopted their trademarked tagline, "Books That Matter". We will be expanding on the catalog, and partnering with nonprofit COT Education to offer open access to a portion of our educational catalog.

Podcasts that Matter

We partner with impact-driven podcast networks to record sonically-pleasing podcasts, distribute them to every major podcast network, as well as monetize them. We also have a flagship program to host individual impact-focused podcasts on our Podcasts Matter platform.

What Matters

We are an impact-driven organization that works together with for-profit and not-for-profit companies and individuals, helping to "democratize thought leadership". This means that we see inequities in the world, and we are doing our best to bend the curve of access and success.

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